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Cattle grazing at KB Ranching

A Family Owned & Operating Ranch in the Rainy River District of Northwestern Ontario

Dedicated to producing top-quality beef using sustainable management practices.

Our Mission:

We strive to operate a sustainable operation by focusing on land stewardship, animal welfare, and innovation.

We bring forward open-minded thinking and strong family values together to ensure that our farm will continue to be viable and sustainable for future generations.

Gross family in a field

We are the Gross Family

We own and operate KB Ranch with our daughters Kinley and Kate. With our love for our land and our livestock, We work hard to bring you the finest quality meat in Northwestern Ontario.

Cattle and daughter from KB Ranching

Generations of Raising Cattle

Raising cattle has been in the family for generations. At KB Ranch, we own cattle and pigs and work alongside Circle H Farms which is owned and operated by Kerry's parents, Uncle and Aunt. This is the farm that Kerry grew up on and developed a love for farming and animals.

Circle H Farms was started in 1991.

Raising cattle has been in the family for generations. Circle H Farms is included in many programs which include Verified Beef Plus, Environmental Farm Plan, and Beef Information Exchange System.

Cattle is the center of both KB Ranch and Circle H Farms operations. Our calves are born in the spring, weaned in the fall, and fed balanced rations through the winter for growth and finish.

We Deliver to your Door!

We offer more than just high-quality, delicious products, we provide our customers with the convenience of having their meat delivered right to their door!!