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How do I place an order?

Our KB Ranch online store allows you to view our products and order all in one place. We also accept orders via email, Facebook, text or a good old fashioned phone call. If its your first time ordering or would like to discuss your order and what would work best for you and your family, don't hesitate to give us a call.

I'm interested in ordering beef but how will I get it?

Our beef is delivered locally in the Rainy River District every Thursday after 5 pm, or ready for pick up at the farm after your order has been placed. As our business grows so do our delivery points! So don't hesitate to reach out and ask about delivery beyond the Rainy River District.

If I order a box of beef what do I do with all the different cuts?

When you think of beef for supper the most common meals that come to mind are hamburgers and steaks. However, there are many more meal options when you consider other cuts of beef. If you are worried about how to cook some of the other cuts offered or are simply looking for some recipe inspiration don't worry - we can help with that! We are currently working on a cooking guide and recipes so please ask we are happy to share cooking and recipe ideas in the mean time.

Do you sell beef by the quarter, half or whole cow?

At KB Ranch, we do sell our beef by the quarter, half or whole animal. Ordering this way is the most economical way to purchase our beef (think bulk purchasing), however, it does require a significant upfront investment. By ordering a quarter, half or whole cow you will receive a mix of cuts and you will have input on how your beef is cut. Want larger roasts? T-bones instead of New York steaks? Beef jerky? Get what you want! For more information on pricing and the process of ordering bulk beef click here or give us a call @ 807-271-4316.

Are KB Ranch Products Fresh or Frozen?

KB Ranch products are cut, tightly wrapped and frozen immediately before they are picked up from the butchers. This helps prevent freezer burn which can lead to discoloration and drying of the meat. All of our products are sold frozen. If you are looking for some fresh beef, please contact us.

I am looking for something specific and I don't see it on the product list. What do I do?

Give us a call or send us a message! We are happy to chat and will do our best to work with our customers. There are some specialty cuts that we do not offer on our product list but may have in stock in small quantities.

The product I want is listed as out of stock on the online store, When will it be back in stock?

All the beef you purchase from our family is on our farm. This means that we don't restock by purchasing more steaks from another source. Instead we have to wait until the animals are ready and meet our criteria to be butchered for our  meat products. Restock time can be as long as two months or as little as two days. Sign up for our newsletter for updates or send us a message with your question.

Where is the meat butchered and cut & wrapped?

We take our beef to Rainy River Regional Abattoir in Emo, ON. It is a provincially inspected abattoir so you can be assured your beef has met all of the food safety standards! All of our beef is then cut and wrapped at Sunrise Sausage and Meats in Barwick, ON. They are also licensed and inspected. Sunrise Meats also makes all of our specialty items (jerky, pepperettes , sausages, smokies etc.) using our beef.

Is your beef added hormone free? Should I be worried about added hormones?

All of our cattle are raised without added hormones, but that doesn't mean added hormones in beef are bad! It's just not something that's part of our current management practices. For more information on added hormones in beef and why you shouldn't be concerned about them, head on over to Canada Beef.

Is it antibiotic free?

Yes - all meat is antibiotic free! Antibiotics are critical to maintain the highest standard of animal welfare; we only use them to treat sick animals. Any treatment we administer is recorded and withdrawal times are strictly adhered to so that the meat is safe for human consumption. Our dedication to low stress handling, pasture calving, and extended grazing means that we rarely use antibiotics because our animals stay healthy. For more information on added hormones in beef and why you shouldn't be concerned about them, head on over to Canada Beef

What is the difference between the Tenderloin Steak and Marinated Tenderloin Steak?

We have certain criteria for our animals to meet. One of our criteria for our regular steaks and roasts is the animal must be under 30 months of age. Our Marinated products are excellent quality, however, they come from animals that are over 30 months of age. All of our products are taste tested and approved, before we sell them as we would only sell top quality cuts.

When I receive my order, how will my products be wrapped?

Sunrise Meats and Sausage in Barwick, ON is where the beef is cut and wrapped.  All cuts of beef is tightly plastic wrapped and then wrapped in butcher paper. For all products that are made with a recipe they are vacuum packed.

Contact us if you have any questions!
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