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Our Story

We are the Gross Family and we own and operate KB Ranch.


We, Kerry & Brodie both grew up with rural roots and a heart for the country, farm, and ranch life. With the love of animals and land we were instilled with growing up, Brodie in a rodeo family and Kerry on a cow & calf operation, we both had the dream of doing what we loved.


While we were busy raising our  daughters  Kinley (6) & Kate (3) in a small town of Alberta, we decided we wanted to share our passion with them and give them the same opportunities that we had as kids and raise them on a farm. From there we decided to move to Kerry's homeland of Devlin, Ontario. We began to make our dreams come true by buying our dream home and a quarter section of land to start our own ranch. 

About Us: About

Origins of the KB Ranch Name

The KB Ranch name and logo came after we were married and had our dreams set to own our own operation.

Prior to being married, Brodie designed the KB "brand." This brand then became apart of our wedding vows and we joined as a couple with a branding ceremony. From that day forward KB was united and it had to be apart of our ranch name. We then decided to call our operation a Ranch rather than  a farm. In Alberta where Brodie and I met, lived and worked, a farm is referred to an operation that grows grain for production and a ranch is an operation that has livestock.

With our love for livestock and our dream to own our own operation the KB Ranch name was established. KB Ranch is now built from two hearts, circled by family and a passion for farming.


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship, animal welfare and food safety. At KB Ranch, we love our land and our livestock. We do our best to take care of them both at the same time.


At KB Ranch, we own cattle and pigs and work alongside Circle H Farms. Circle H Farms is owned and operated by Kerry's parents, Shawn & Tracy Hyatt and her Uncle and Aunt, Gord & Pat Hyatt. This is the farm that Kerry grew up on and developed a love for farming and animals.

Cicle H Farms was started in 1991 while Shawn and Gord were working alongside their parents George and Bev Hyatt. Raising cattle has been in the family for generations. Circle H Farms is included in many programs which include Verified Beef Plus, Environmental Farm Plan and Beef Information Exchange System.


Cattle are at the center of both KB Ranch and Circle H Farms operations. The calves are born in the spring, weaned in the fall and are fed balanced rations through the winter for growth and finish.

When farming, we utilize perennial pastures, stockpiled forage, bale grazing and cover crops to maximize the grazing days in our climate. These practices are managed carefully for the environment and for our cattle as they are the utmost importance in our whole operation.

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